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Pubblicazione del programma RESCUR Il Curriculum per promuovere la Resilienza a scuola.

Wednesday, March 9th, 2016 at 10:40 am

RESCUR Il Curriculum per promuovere la Resilienza a scuola è stato pubblicato in sette lingue in versione digitale e cartacea. Il programma è composto da cinque manuali: la guida per il docente, la guida per i genitori e i tre manuali di attività: 1) scuola dell’infanzia; 2) scuola primaria (classi I, II e III); 3) scuola primaria (classi IV e V) e secondaria di I grado (classe I). La versione digitale include le attività di mindfulness, i poster dei temi, le carte degli animali e le musiche. Si raccomanda che le scuole e le altre istituzioni che sono interessate all’implementazione del programma richiedano la formazione specifica per RESCUR prima di svolgere il programma. A questo proposito è disponibile online la Guida per il Docente (clicca sulla copertina del manuale per scaricare la versione digitale), gli altri quattro manuali saranno distribuiti agli interessanti che richiedono la formazione. Ogni Paese partner del progetto ha individuato un team di formatori, per ulteriori informazioni relative alla formazione e all’implementazione di RESCUR è possibile rivolgersi a: Prof. Maria Assunta Zanetti - mail: Dr. Valeria Cavioni – mail: Department of Brain and Behavioral Sciences, Psychology Section University of Pavia, Pavia, Italia


(English) Photos from RESCUR Launch Seminar, Greece, 16th December 2015

Wednesday, December 23rd, 2015 at 9:22 am

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(English) Photos from RESCUR Launch Seminar, Croatia, 18th December 2015

Monday, December 21st, 2015 at 7:46 pm

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(English) Photos from RESCUR Launch Seminar, Malta, 16th December 2015

Monday, December 21st, 2015 at 8:20 am

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(English) Photos from RESCUR Launch held at Orebro University, Sweden

Monday, December 21st, 2015 at 8:00 am

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Command and Stoicism

Command and Stoicism

Individual the wilderness has it that each and every human being aims in order to be reasonable and to gain best advantages of everyday living. Simply because of the dynamism of the universe in addition to ensuing restriction of assets to further improve dwells, those people will possibly not realize sufficient outcome throughout their activities. This sort of end result ends up in the development of some kind of state of mind towards the weather adjoining their lives. The frame of mind engineered in direction of life is for the most part depicted in the form of Merely because of dissatisfaction in everyday life, people normally evolve terrible thoughts. Stoicism gives you lessons on the creation of fortitude and personal-master as the option of beating negative sentiments. Away from the Stoics’ point of view, it is really for this reason, simple for us to distinguish concerning circumstances in your influence as well as those in the garden our manipulate.

Many of us are ideal for managing our sentimental responses, and in addition decision. Psychological and mental opinion and reactions are key elements which allow us to improve an mindset to stuffs that took over our lives. Considering that we could manipulate them, we achieve the power to evaluate what is inside our regulate and just what is not having. Being able to discern each of the sides of the lifestyles is derived from our sound logical the great outdoors, that requires our capacity to take part in vital seriously considering our lives and different encounters and eventually improve our point of view on the way to them. Determined by Stoics, the power of rational judgment often is the bottom legitimate strength that people have in your life. The strength of realistic judgment in this way, works an important role in enabling us to draw a clear differentiation relating to elements that we are able to regulation and those that we is unable to. All other less strong power that individuals come with knowning that are weak the right amount of to cut back the opportunity to make your distinction usually are gotten or displaced in the operation of seeking our objectives in their life. These weakened power are derived from these components of lifetime aspersonal belongings and human relationships, and positions for the modern culture. If this capabilities are taken away from us, our company is often in possession associated with the intrinsic capability that permits us to sustain a strongly logical level of cognizance, using the view belonging to the Stoics. The good intrinsic performance had by all mankind is a central factor in which allows all of them to by natural means pinpoint the level of master they will training on problems that have an affect on their activities and thus, the differentiation in between controllable and uncontrollable facts.

The points we will regulation and those that we can not are driven by our state of mind. An individual’s state of mind depends upon intrinsic things, integrating their viewpoint to the circumstances presented with them within a designated second. For this sight, every last human being has the capacity to manipulate their mind-set and sketch an apparent sections between important things that they may manipulate and those that they cannot. Like, this is the express on the spirit which leads anyone into believing the fact that they are unable to influence dying. Quiet popularity of demise inside an individual’s state of mind triggers their passing away from without the need of suffering or concern, therefore. Those areas as fatality are influenced by destiny and in accordance with Stoic’s values; it truly is only destiny that cannot be handled. We could build a awareness that distinguishes around stuffs that you can easily manage and people who we can not regulation, by controlling the care.

We are able to distinguish between matters we can command and people who we could not, mainly because the Stoics have faith. Getting deal with, as tutored by Stoics, comprises asserting one’s proficiency in rational judgment, which is the ration strength that would be in-built by nature. The cultivation belonging to the inner power to better a healthy state of mind leads to a differentiation amongst the tips in your control along with the situations outdoor our regulate.